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In the realm of celebrity interviews, few have reached the pinnacle of Barbara Walters. Her ability to extract raw emotions and untold stories from even the most guarded personalities is legendary. One such unforgettable encounter was her interview with Corey Feldman, a moment that transcended mere celebrity gossip to touch upon deeper societal issues and personal revelations.

Corey Feldman, a former child star turned controversial figure, sat down with Barbara Walters in a rare moment of vulnerability. The interview, which aired in 2013, offered a glimpse into the tumultuous life of a young actor thrust into the spotlight at a tender age, only to grapple with the dark underbelly of Hollywood fame.

Walters, known for her incisive questioning and empathetic approach, navigated the interview with a delicate balance of professionalism and compassion. She probed into Feldman’s troubled past, addressing allegations of abuse and exploitation within the entertainment industry.

For Feldman, the interview marked a pivotal moment in his quest for truth and justice. He courageously spoke out about the pervasive culture of abuse in Hollywood, shedding light on the systemic issues plaguing the industry. Walters’ unwavering support provided a platform for Feldman to share his harrowing experiences and advocate for change.

Beyond the headlines and sensationalism, Walters delved into the psyche of a man grappling with the demons of his past. She elicited raw emotions from Feldman, revealing the scars left by years of exploitation and trauma. In doing so, she humanized a figure often dismissed as a tabloid curiosity, fostering empathy and understanding among her audience.

The interview resonated far beyond its initial airing, sparking a national conversation about child exploitation in Hollywood. It served as a wake-up call for an industry long plagued by allegations of misconduct and abuse, prompting calls for accountability and reform.

Genuine Connection

Yet, amidst the weighty subject matter, Walters and Feldman found moments of levity and camaraderie. Their rapport transcended the interviewer-interviewee dynamic, offering glimpses of genuine connection amidst the probing questions and emotional revelations.


In the years since the interview, both Walters and Feldman have continued to make their mark on the world, albeit in different ways. Walters’ legacy as a trailblazing journalist endures, while Feldman remains a vocal advocate for survivors of abuse and exploitation.


The Corey Feldman interview stands as a testament to the power of journalism to effect change and inspire empathy. Through her insightful questioning and unwavering empathy, Barbara Walters peeled back the layers of celebrity to reveal the humanity beneath—a feat that continues to resonate with audiences to this day.

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